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Love Falls - Esther Freud
Love Falls - Esther Freud
Krátky popis Exkluzívní produkt Love Falls - Esther Freud od výrobce Bloomsbury u nás najdete nejlevněji od 183 Kč
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EAN 9780747593195
It is July, three months after Lara's seventeenth birthday, and a week before Charles and Diana's Royal Wedding When Lara's father, a man she barely knows, invites her to accompany him on holiday, she finds herself far away from the fumes of London's Holloway Road in the sun-scorched hillsides of Tuscany There she meets the Willoughby family, rife with illicit alliances and vendettas The more embroiled Lara becomes with them, and with the carelessly beautiful Kip, the more consumed she is with doubt, curiosity and dread And so begins her intoxicating, troubled journey into self discovery a Love Falls - Esther Freud od authora Esther Freud a nakladatelství za skvělé ceny na e-shopu Martinuscz
Autor Esther Freud
Jazyk anglický
Počet stran 288
Rok vydání 2008
Žánr beletrie
Typ filmy
Nakladatelství Bloomsbury
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