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Dearly Devoted Dexter - Jeff Lindsay
Dearly Devoted Dexter - Jeff Lindsay
Krátky popis Exkluzívní produkt Dearly Devoted Dexter - Jeff Lindsay od výrobce Orion u nás najdete výhodně od 183 Kč
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EAN 9780752877884
Miami's best-dressed serial killer is back and on the prowl, at least he would be if he could shake off his permanent shadow Ever since their paths first crossed, Sergeant Doakes hasn't let Dexter Morgan out of his sight Dexter may well be the Miami PD's blood-spatter analyst, but Sgt Doakes has a pretty good idea of how Dex likes to spend his free time and he's determined to catch him in the act Dex hasn't killed in months and is getting twitchy To throw Doakes off his scent, he's spending more time with Rita, his girlfriend But no matter how many cosy nights they spend in front of the Dearly Devoted Dexter - Jeff Lindsay od authora Jeff Lindsay a nakladatelství za skvělé ceny na e-shopu Martinuscz
Autor Jeff Lindsay
Jazyk anglický
Počet stran 304
Rok vydání 2006
Žánr beletrie
Typ filmy
Nakladatelství Orion
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