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Energy Economics - Roy L. Nersesian
Energy Economics - Roy L. Nersesian
Krátky popis Diskontní produkt Energy Economics - Roy L. Nersesian od výrobce Routledge u nás najdete po slevě od 2669 Kč
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EAN 9781138858374
Three quarters of our current electricity usage and transport methods are derived from fossil fuels and yet within two centuries these resources will dry up Energy Economics covers the role of each fossil and renewable energy source in today’s world, providing the information and tools that will enable students to understand the finite nature of fossil fuels and the alternative solutions that are available This textbook provides detailed examinations of key energy sources – both fossil fuels and renewables including oil, coal, solar, and wind power – and summarises how the current eco Energy Economics - Roy L Nersesian od authora Roy L Nersesian a nakladatelství za skvělé ceny na e-shopu Martinuscz
Autor Roy L. Nersesian
Jazyk anglický
Počet stran 652
Rok vydání 2016
Typ filmy
Nakladatelství Routledge
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