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Claudius the God - Robert Graves
Claudius the God - Robert Graves
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Penguin Books
EAN 9780141188607
Claudius has survived the murderous intrigues of his predecessors to become, reluctantly, Emperor of Rome Here he recounts his surprisingly successful reign: how he cultivates the loyalty of the army and the common people to repair the damage caused by Caligula; his relations with the Jewish King Herod Agrippa; and his invasion of Britain But the growing paranoia of absolute power and the infidelity of his promiscuous young wife Messalina mean that his good fortune will not last forever In this second part of Robert Graves's fictionalized autobiography, Claudius, wry, rueful, always inqu Claudius the God - Robert Graves od authora Robert Graves a nakladatelství za skvělé ceny na e-shopu Martinuscz
Autor Robert Graves
Jazyk anglický
Počet stran 448
Rok vydání 2006
Žánr beletrie
Typ filmy
Nakladatelství Penguin Books
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